Dear Customer!

First words, DONG SAIGON HYGIENICAL SERVICE & TRADING COMPANY LIMITED We would like to send your sincere thanks, good wishes and respectful greetings.

DONG SAIGON HYGIENICAL SERVICE & TRADING COMPANY LIMITED We are a provider of cleaning services industry, cheap, prestigious, professional in the city. HCMC in particular and Vietnam in general.

With Formula  CLEAN – BEAUTIFUL – GANG – QUICK – PRICE, We believe that our service will bring joy and satisfaction to your company.

With a professional working style, with a staff of creative, dynamic and experienced, we are always ready to meet all cleaning requirements of your company on the basis of cooperation. long term and mutual benefit.

vision - mission


With the aspiration to rise with the investment strategy – sustainable development, East Saigon strives to become the leading industrial hygiene company in Vietnam and the region;

Dong Saigon wants to create a Vietnam-class brand and “Action to Action” represents the intellectual stature and pride of Vietnamese businessmen in the international arena. The goal of bringing East Saigon into “the convergence of norms”


Providing services of international quality, relevance and Vietnamese identity; Unique and innovative. The spirit of East Saigon is “QUALITY”. In addition, each service contains cultural messages, to satisfy the maximum legitimate needs of customers.

High spirit of cooperation and development; Commitment to become “friendly companions” of partners and shareholders; Always increase the investment value attractive and sustainable.



“Quality is the guiding principle, customer is God”

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our survival and development.