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Do you want to clean your house after construction?

Your beloved family is entering the finishing stage. At this point, you need to perform post-construction sanitation so that the house is clean. However, this work usually takes a lot of work and time. But soon, Thanh Hung will introduce you some simple tips to work out quickly!

After cleaning the house after construction should know what principles?

No matter what work you do, you must adhere to some basic principles and the hygiene of your home after construction is no exception. In addition to preparing the necessary supplies for cleaning, you also need to develop a plan to work quickly, scientifically from the inside out, from top to bottom.

Take care of the house from the upper floor and gradually down to the lower floor in case your house has many floors. For each room should also apply the principle of cleaning from the ceiling and then under the floor, clean the whole inside the house and then to the yard. Also, before proceeding to clean the house after construction, you also need to move all the items and materials that are no longer needed outside the house.

Learn the steps behind the construction of houses

Prepare the tools and utensils needed: Such as stainers, vacuum cleaners, multi-purpose mops, chemicals for cleaning. Keep in mind that for homebuilders after construction, chemicals are the only companion they can not afford.

Rough cleaning: Clean all dirt, use vacuum cleaner and clean up the building.

Cleaning every part: Now the most important step you need to take is to clean all the necessary equipment in the sky, such as light bulbs, air conditioners, window frames, doors, glass. For all items with different materials, pay attention to use detergent so that it is suitable to avoid corrosion can occur.

Floor cleaning: This is the complete step of cleaning house after construction. With concrete floors, wood tiles, ceramic tiles, they must be cleaned with different methods.

House inspection: Once you have completed all of the above steps, now take a moment to check all the parts, the corner in the house is clean or not. Finally, you clean up the furniture in the new home.