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Industrial hygiene

Industrial hygiene is no longer a new concept, especially in an age where services for human life are growing. Industrial hygiene over time has also evolved to match the needs of many customers.

Industrial hygiene is increasingly developed thanks to the superiority, modernity as well as the needs of customers. The service packages provided by the industrial hygiene industry to customers are increasingly diversified, helping you save time and effort in cleaning up your home, study and work space.

Industrial hygiene uses modern machinery

When does the industrial hygiene industry appear?

Industrial hygiene was born with the development of restaurants and hotels. This industry began to appear in Vietnam during the French colonial period that originated in 1888 at the Saigon Continental Hotel and later the Hotel Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi.

This is the beginning of a new industry that is industrial hygiene. Sanitation is not just about taking a home broom or cleaning the house, it also requires a scientific and modern equipment.

Industrial hygiene is developing at current speed

Up to today, the industrial hygiene industry has established a firm foothold as well as affirmed its role in the service industry with many companies and companies investing in this field.

What is industrial hygiene?

Industrial sanitation is well known that a sanitary service uses specialized machinery and chemicals to clean up something. Thanks to this support, no matter how big the area, the furniture is complex, how many angles can be cleaned. Help bring beauty, clean space for living, study and work.

So it is possible to understand that this is a work that requires the combination of both human hands and brain and not just ordinary manual labor. Due to the increasing demands of the workplace, in the restaurants and hotels of the high class, the workforce in the industrial hygiene industry must also have the required qualifications, degrees, agility, age …

Industrial hygiene helps you solve every problem

What does the industrial hygiene sector do?

Whenever you have a need you can also use the services of Industrial Hygiene. You will be supported with the following:

  • Cleaning new construction works. New construction is still dusty, not clean need to be hygienic, there are industrial cleaning services to help you do this. You just ask, everything can be completed according to plan.
  • Sanitation to organize important events such as conferences, meetings, inauguration, fairs …
  • Maintain and maintain your interior space in your living, working and living spaces.

Professional and efficient industrial sanitation

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